Please read before entering for the first time


Food will only be served in the main restaurant or for those outside in beer gardens. (it cannot be served in the main front bars).
Simply come in wait to be seated.
It’s highly recommended you book ahead if you are intending to eat with us.


As before we offer our full menu as a takeaway so this is the safest option for anyone vulnerable/shielding and wishing to keep safe. Simple ring us to order and book in a timeslot, and pop in as normal. Once you come in you will be directed to the restaurant bar, where you can pay and your order will be ready.


The safest place to drink is outside in the fresh air and open space. Simply come along take a seat outside and you can order at the special order point we have set up.
If you want to drink inside, as you come in – stand and wait to be seated. If we cannot accommodate at that time you can have a drink outside and wait for the next table available (waiting list).
Once you are seated we will take your order at the table and bring over to you.


Contactless card payments are the quickest and safest way to make payment. Otherwise we can, of course, take cash, but please ideally (for your own safety) have the right money available to avoid handling change.


As per government guidelines there is a MAXIMUM of 6 people per table/gathering. Do not move or congregate between tables and other groups.


To keep contact to a minimum between different groups of people we will have in operation a simple one way system.
The entrance for ALL customers is the side entrance (the glazed door entrance near the toilets). Once you come in, you will see a pedestal in front of you where you can wait to be seated. For those in the beer garden of course go directly outside and find a table.
If you are drinking in the front bars you EXIT via the main front doors (one way).
If you are in the restaurant you can EXIT directly through the rear doors (one way).


For all smokers please stand well away from the doors – as people may be exiting or entering. You must exit via the correct doors, and come back in via the proper entrance. If anyone is seen coming in repeatedly through the wrong entrance they will be asked to leave the premises.


  • Children: as always children of all ages are very welcome but we must respect the social distancing still, so they must remain seated inside with their family. Outside it’s advised kids are under full supervision at all times.
  • Dogs will be permitted inside in the main bars but not in the restaurant, if dining please ask a member of staff. Outside there is plenty of space for dogs. Please keep any dogs on a leash to help avoid potential touching and spreading of Covid-19.
  • The tables inside and out will be set 1 metre apart at least.
  • Condiments and cutlery will be taken to your table for safety.
  • Between customers – the tables will be cleaned.
  • With more work and service (and new rules) – please bear with us and be patient!
  • After 8pm the restaurant will be used for drinking patrons too, so families are advised to come early if they prefer.


In order to have the safest experience we advise to avoid the busy periods. So during the day 12noon to 3pm is always much quieter (except Sundays). Later after 8.30pm is also much quieter too. The busiest peak time is usually 5pm to 8pm. Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday are also of course the most quiet days to visit.


For everyone’s safety – these rules must be adhered to. Please do not be offended if you are asked to do any of these and please expect you will be asked to leave if they cannot be done. As normal we will not accept any abusive language or behavior to any staff.


Of course as the government guidelines relax – things will go back to the normal ways. But there is also the chance things change and become more stringent, so bear in mind these rules and processes could change over time.

Thanks and enjoy your visit!!